Best Law practice serves Brampton, ON, and surrounding areas

At Chahal Law Office we provide a full range of services, with adherence to addressing our clients’ concerns with the best solutions. With offices in Brampton, Chahal Law office is accessible to clients across the Greater Toronto Area and throughout Ontario.

Real Estate Law

We serve the needs of our clients with residential and commercial purchases, sales, mortgage financing, and leasing. We also represent commercial and private lenders who seek to enforce repayment through the power of sale proceedings and defend against such claims.

Chahal Law helps you with all your real estate legal matters:

Purchase Transaction (Condominium, New Build)

Chahal Law assists you in the process of buying your own house. From the beginning of the purchase to the day of closing, we will help you in each step. Also, if you are thinking of investing in a condominium as a rental property, it is important to have a lawyer to guide you through the purchasing process. The purchase of a condominium is different from the purchase of any other type of home. When purchasing a condominium, you must consider the credibility, debts, liabilities, assets, and reliability of the seller and the Condominium Corporation.

Sale Transaction

In business and real estate sales, negotiation is the key to a successful transaction. It takes time, energy, skill, and endurance. Apart from just monetary transactions, it is important to know your rights and the legal details involved in the property sale.


Apart from the sale and purchase of another real estate matter Refinancing is also a complex matter we deal in. Chalal Law handles the financing arrangements, property purchase agreements, negotiation, drafting, agreements, and other related aspects. It is so important to hire the best real estate lawyer when dealing with property cases. Hiring the right real estate lawyer helps to avoid the process of dealing with post-closing disputes.

Private Lending

Private lending in Canada has grown in the past couple of years. Chahal Law deals with the best solution for your Private Lending issues in the GTA. We have a solution to fit your specific needs as our Lawyers, understand each case.

Commercial Properties (Purchase and Sale)

When it comes to commercial property matters of Buying or selling, it is important to hire the best lawyer in your area as it is a significant investment requiring a great deal of due diligence. When you deal with commercial properties you must plan for issues like leasing, mortgage financing, tax implications, insurance, portfolio management, and cost-sharing. Thus, hiring the best lawyer is a feasible solution. At Chahal Law Office our experienced Commercial Real Estate Lawyers will first understand your situation and then provide you the customized solutions.

A real estate transaction is a serious business requiring a great deal of due diligence whether residential or commercial. It requires the assistance of a trained and experienced lawyer who deals in all aspects of real estate transactions. It will help you to ensure that your transaction happens efficiently, and all transactions are thoroughly vetted, protecting you from revelation after a transaction has closed.

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