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At Chahal Law Office we provide a full range of services, with adherence to addressing our clients’ concerns with the best solutions. With offices in Brampton, Chahal Law office is accessible to clients across the Greater Toronto Area and throughout Ontario.

Estate and wills Law

From Living Wills, Notary Public, Powers of Attorney, and Estate Administration, our lawyers provide BEST legal advice that helps you minimize fees and taxes, organize your affairs, and ensure that your loved ones are protected.

Living Will

We always have a “Thinks to do list” in our mind for various wishes we have, and we focus on a life that this list is completed, which gives us a relief that we have lived as per our planning. One more thing in this planning should be the making a “Will”, however, it is surprising how only a few people end up making a will.

We should understand that we always want our life should go as planned and thus should also agree that making a will is life’s important decision to be taken as early as possible so that things go effortlessly when we are not there. It is always better to make a living will as well as Last Will for your loved ones as early as possible.

Consulting with the right attorney regarding your “Will” will allow you to structure your estate and financial holdings in such a way that they will be passed onto your loved ones, minus many unnecessary taxes and penalties. We at Chahal Law are here to help you “Protecting your Future Interests”. Proper estate planning ensures that your financial and personal goals are executed properly after you.

Notary Public

The role of a Notary Public is to attest and certify deeds and other important documents, for use anywhere in legal or other matters. Chahal Law provides convenient, cost-effective notary services that ensure you are informed and updated throughout your unique transaction. We provide our clients with personalized legal counsel that is convenient and affordable.

Power of Attorney

Our lawyers can assist you with a Power of Attorney for Property/Personal Care. A power of attorney outlines who can do what for you or your property if something happens where you cannot make those decisions anymore. It is not a simple process to have your family step in if you do not have a power of attorney. A power of attorney allows you to appoint someone to make decisions for you if you cannot, so it is more important to make this with the consultant of a lawyer.

Estate Administration

We will provide detailed tax analysis, implement an estate planning blueprint that best suits your needs so that you and your family are protected. We will provide the expertise and reliable services required to ensure that your assets are allotted in a best-desired manner. Our lawyers have extensive expertise in drafting and finalizing individual and corporate estate documents. If you have questions about a loved one's estate or require sound advice to plan your will and other testamentary documents, we can help! .

As sometimes without the right plans in place, these important decisions are left to the courts. Just give yourself peace of mind and security and CONTACT Us for further discussions.

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